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Updated January 17, 2014

Does anyone have a doubt there is so much information on the Internet about education that it is difficult to find the quality that is needed to make good decisions? ADPRIMAX is trying to help you save some time. The links in the categories below contain helpful information about education. Sites are added as appropriate. If you find a link is is no longer working, please let me know.


Bob Kizlik


ArtsEdge   Supports the arts as a core subject in the K-12 curriculum.
World Wide Arts Resources  A huge "gateway to the arts."
The Virtual Music Classroom   Features a "composer of the month," complete with MIDI files.
The Louvre Say no more. The Louvre on line.

Careers and Jobs

Chili Jobs Nationwide online job search engine with an easy-to-use job post/search format for all employment or recruitment-related needs. Directory of employment agencies, job banks, employers & career resources.
Net Temps: "A World of Jobs Neatly Packaged" is a comprehensive resource that has fantastic job listings in a wide variety of categories and is exceptionally well organized.
Job Trak is partnered with over 500 college and university career centers nationwide.
Find jobs in exotic places Just what the name implies.
PJ Scout Looks for the perfect job.
CareerWeb  Job seekers can search for free.

Children's Literature and Language Arts

The Children's Literature and Web Guide A super Canadian site.
The de Grummond Children's Literature Collection From the University of Southern Mississippi, one of the premiere collections of children's literature anywhere.
Folklore, Myth and Legend From the University of Calgary, a great collection of stories for children.

Collaborative Projects

Science Learning Network A site that features some interesting online projects for students and teachers.
School Internet Projects Basically, a site that has lots of links to other sites that feature collaborative Internet projects.
European Schoolnet A great resource for international collaborative projects, K-12.
Loogootee Schools Web Site Don't let the name fool you. This is a great resource for developing school-based web sites, and has an excellent list of collaborative Internet projects.

Connecting with Other Teachers:
 Some good links to teacher self-help resources.

Teacher Talk  From Indiana University, a fantastic collection of articles and information for new and experienced teachers.
The Staff Room of Canada's SchoolNet 

Forum One 
The jumping off point to discussion fora on the Internet, including some excellent ones for teachers and educators.

For First Year Teachers

What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching A terrific site that has links to publications and help for new teachers.
Survival Guide for New Teachers  How new teachers can work effectively with veteran teachers, parents, principals, and teacher educators.

General Teacher Resources

 BigIQBee Spelling Bee. Simulates a 'live' spelling competition and tests young learners on grade appropriate spelling words in a fun, challenging atmosphere.
Ask Me Help Desk for Education. An excellent education resource covering areas from academic advising to universities and colleges.
Timesavers for Teachers. World's largest collection of often-used teacher forms, worksheets and classroom resources. A great online course management system for teachers. Best of all, it's free!
English Daily. A great site for teachers or students with topics ranging from grammar to proverbs. Impressive and well worth a visit.
Sites for Teachers. A site with an impressive list of resources for teachers at all levels.
Educators Key. A site with many links to education resources.
Teaching Treasures. A well organized Australian site that has plenty to offer from great links to downloadable worksheets and projects.
Help for New Teachers. A great page of resources for new teachers with many links.
Educational Resources and Lesson Plans Over a thousand links to lesson plans and other resources of potential use to education students, teachers, and home schoolers. 
Washington Post Education Page This is a great resource. It is timely, well designed, and contains a wide array of information. Check it out, and you'll agree.
Constructivist Learning Design I like what I found here. A great mix of the theoretical and practical. It is a different point of view that will broaden and deepen your understanding of teaching and learning.
EBoard: This is a neat idea for teachers. Set up a message board in about two minutes. Post assignments, announcements, outlines, etc., for your students.
Pro Teacher. I found this site to contain very useful and well organized information, especially for new teachers.
Instructional Media Integration. A site set up by Mark Johnson of the Arlington Virginia School system. It is an excellent source of information.
Education Week. One of the best overall sites for information about education. Studies, surveys, news, help - it's all here!
Mrs. Young's Supercharged Educational Voyage.
 This is simply a super site!. Well organized, and has links to a wealth of information for parents, teachers, and students. A must visit resource. 
Stephen Carr's Education Page.
 A great site for links to many resources for teachers, parents, and students.
Lights, Camera, Action!
 This is a new site that has great resources and links. One to watch!
Lucky Duck Education Resources. This is a site located in the United Kingdom. It contains a wealth of information on classroom and behavior management. Please take a look, and you'll find quality information and materials.
The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation. This site has so much information it's impossible to describe here. It is concerned with the general improvement of education and has a great number of reports, studies, and articles, as well as links to other resources. It's a serious site and one worth visiting.
The West Genessee Teachers' Association. A site by teachers for teachers, it has some great links to the Internet.
Mount St. Helens -- Images/ Stories/Curriculum
 A huge and graphically intensive Web resource covering every aspect of the May 18, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington State, USA .
U.S. Department of Education A comprehensive site that has many links and education document sources for educators and students. 
Web Museum A comprehensive list of museums on the Internet. There are many mirror sites here.
National Teaching and Learning Forum A site that features a variety of discussions regarding education, from university. Here you will find hundreds of questions, answers, and opinions about education. 
Educator's Reference Desk A comprehensive source of education information .
Education Place A free on-line educational resource sponsored by Houghton Mifflin. Activities for teachers and students, classroom activities, virtual field trips, on-line educational games for students, even a link for parents! Worth the visit.
Free things for Educators You'll like this colorful site. It is operated by a school teacher and has a fantastic array of ideas and links to free materials for teachers. New teachers will especially like this.

Getting Help:
 Some good places to go to get help on the Internet.

Tutor Bungalow is an excellent free tutor matching service, and worth a look if you're in the market for a tutor.
1UpInfo: This is a superior portal - an encyclopedia and reference resource. A definite asset for anyone, especially teachers and students.
Ask Jeeves: A great site for searching for answers to questions. You enter the question and Ask Jeeves provides direct answers and links to sites that have your keywords. It's unique and one of the best resources for teachers and students.
My Virtual Reference Desk: By all means, check out this site! It has information on just about every topic, links to all the major search engines, an electronic encyclopedia; in short, one of the most valuable sites you can visit.
Starting Point: This site has it all. Topics arranged by categories with links to just about everything.

Education Organizations

There are many organizations that provide information and services to education in general. From providing funding for innovative projects, to serving a clearinghouses for a vast array of information dealing with education, organizations can provide parents, teachers, and students with invaluable resources.

Coalition of Essential Schools This page is chosen because it contains some of the best ideas about curriculum and teaching. The "less is more" approach is explained in detail.
National Regional Educational Laboratories Ten educational laboratories across the United States that provide information and resources for education. 
George Lucas Educational Foundation A foundation that seeks to promote the use of technology in schools at all levels and grades.
American Educational Research Association The most prestigious of the education research organizations. Here you will find interesting data, links, and questions with answers about nearly all aspects of education.
National Council for the Social Studies
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
National Education Association
National Science Teachers Association


The History Channel One of the best sources for information, there are quizzes, polls, and the unusual here.
The Perseus Project Home Page
Archiving Early America   Original newspapers, maps, and writings from 18th Century America.
Literature and Humanities Links Information organized into well-defined sub-categories.
The History Net  A great resource for all history topics.
Biographical Dictionary   A neat resource for just about anyone.
A&E's Biographical Site Another great resource. Very comprehensive and well organized.
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts Dr. Ashliman of the University of Pittsburgh has created an amazing resource. It is rich in detail and an wonderful place to explore.


Cramster Math Help: Cramster is a global online study community centered on providing understanding to math questions whether it's related to homework, exam preparation or general learning.
Visual Math Learning: Understanding Mathematics through insight, concept and perception. This site has free tutorials with narration. Well worth a visit!
Math and Reading Help for Kids is a site devoted to providing a great variety of resources that are useful for teachers and students. is a site to behold. Great activities, puzzles, and games. For kids and teachers.
Time Table Rhyme employs powerful visual and auditory memory techniques and has links to good resources.
Interactive Math Website: This is a new site with impressive content and features. It is well organized and useful for both teachers and students.
Math Baseball: Test your skills at different levels. A great mind exercise.
Math Projects:
 This site has many resources for math teachers, including a newsletter. Give it a look, you won't be sorry.
Homepage for new math teachers: Really good ideas for new math teachers.
MathMol (Mathematics and Molecules) developed by the NYU/ACF Scientific Visualization Center, is designed to serve as an introductory starting point, providing K-12 students and teachers with basic concepts in mathematics and their connection to molecular modeling. Some very easy to use on-line experiments for all K-12 levels. 
Math Forum at Drexel University
PBS Mathline Elementary, middle and high school math projects.
Women Mathematicians Some real surprises here.
The Explorer is part of the Unified Network Informatics Technology for Education (UNITE) efforts at the University of Kansas. These resources (instructional software, lab activities, lesson plans) are currently for K-12 mathematics. 
Interactive Mathematics Online
Math Mania: An award winning site.
History of Mathematics: This site includes biographies of  mathematicians, chronologies and much more. Worth a visit!
Brain Teasers: A neat site sponsored by Houghton Mifflin. It has brain teasers of the week, solutions and archives of past puzzles. Students can submit answers directly.

Miscellaneous (English grammar, ESOL, TESOL, 504 Plans, IDEA, Music, Higher Education Stress Management)

Parliament Tutors A site that offers test preparation (some free assistance is offered) and tutoring services in a broad range of areas.
GEOS Oceania English Language colleges
 GEOS Oceania English Language Colleges offer English courses in modern facilities in the Oceania region - Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.  A website located in New Zealand that offers some extraordinary tools for cognitive mapping along with a variety of tools for analyzing information and relationships in a wide variety of contexts.
Texas School  Music Project. 
 A collection a great resources for music teachers.
Audiblox: Resources for Dyslexia and other Learning Difficulties. One of the most comprehensive sites on learning and learning disabilities.
National Academies Press An interesting, different site. Peruse and read books on-line. A great new source for teachers, students, and academicians.
Common Errors in English A great site for getting good, practical information on English grammar.
Dave's ESL Cafe One of the premiere sites on the Internet for ESL news, tips, and good information.
TESOL Association Standards This site is terrific. A wonderful source for teachers and education students.
Self Study Quizzes for ESL Students This is a great resource for teachers and students. Over 900 quizzes!
504 Plans and IDEA Information and Links A new page on the ADPRIMA site.
Digital Portfolios Reference Links A very good page of links and information about digital portfolios.
Salon Magazine Higher Education Archives A source of penetrating articles about all aspects of higher education.
Interest Links for English Teachers and Students from Around the World A good list of helpful resources.

Recommended Search Engines

BING  is Microsoft's search engine, and I think it is an excellent alternative to Google.
Google!  is a fantastic, intelligent search engine that reports results in a logical way.
Teoma is another interesting search engine. Relevant results, but the database is not as large as others.
Vivisimo is a search system that gathers results from other search engines and displays them in convenient and powerful ways. Really worth a look.
Ixquick is a very powerful metasearch engine that has unique features. I tried it and highly recommend it.
All the Web is a search engine that returns results as fast as any. It's comprehensive and well designed.
555-1212 includes telephone directories for U.S. and foreign listings.
BigBook indexes businesses.
Starting Point is another "portal" type search engine.
Dogpile is another metasearch engine that is very fast
Metacrawler searches many engines simultaneously.
Search is a good, reliable search engine.
WebCrawler has a new look and some new features.
Yahoo categorizes information based on predefined criteria.
Yahooligans is a search engine designed for K-12 students.
Euroseek is a search engine that has thousands of sites not listed on other engines. It's different and worth a look.


New Scientist This is an amazing site. If you're teaching science at any grade level, you owe it to yourself (and your students) to visit this site.
Junk Science You need to visit this site. I came across it by accident and was nearly mesmerized by the information. Be prepared to spend some time here.
Science Whatzit!
 This is a site to see! Get answers to questions, and discover a wealth of information.
Los Alamos National Laboratory Science and Technology Page

Virtual FlyLab Virtual FlyLab, an educational activity for learning the principles of genetic inheritance, allows the user to play the role of a research geneticist.
An on-line handbook for "space educators" also available free on diskette. Developed by the Johnson Space Center at NASA. 
Science Learning Network
Teacher-Developed Earth and Space Science Lessons and Classroom Activities Topics for these online lessons include Doing Astrophysics Research with an Artificial Earth Orbiting Satellite, Sine Waves, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Images of the Universe in Different Wavelengths, Satellite Communications, Satellite Dishes, Constellations and the Zodiac, Solar System Objects, Earthquakes.
Whelmers These science activities will catch the eye and mind of even the most indifferent student.
GIS - Geographic Information Systems
BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium
The Current Space Shuttle Mission
High School Astronomy Course  Los Angeles Physics Teachers Alliance Group. A course on astronomy using the Internet. It is adaptable to most age and interest levels.

ocial Sciences

JetPunk A really different set of online quizzes in a variety of areas, especially geography, and worth a visit.
Social Studies School Service A commercial site, BUT a great resource for social studies information and materials. Their catalogs are the best, and the site is outstanding. I distribute their catalogs to my students each semester.
Social Science Resources Home Page Links, lesson plans, and more
Social Science Research Network Online
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
The Archaeology Adventure Site This has some very good information.
American Minority Studies Links
All Politics
K-12 Electronic Guide for African Resources

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